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Freedom Scrolls

From ONLY £85 +VAT +£5.50 P&P

Parish, Town and Community Councils




TO ORDER scrolls is as easy as One Two Three Four.

ONE Select the design you want.

TWO Provide the wording.

THREE Provide any crest/logo as JPG.

FOUR Give date required by.

Email to Mike Goodwin:

We proof for approval to guarantee accuracy.

One proof included in the cost.

ALLOW 7 working days for your scroll

Call 01359 254149 for more information


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420mm deep x 215 widefreedom_scroll_fs1.jpg

420mm deep x 215 wide

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BELOW420mm deep x 215 widefredom_scroll_fs2.jpg

420mm deep x 215 wide

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 FS3 Below 

420mm deep x 215 wide


420mm deep x 215 wide

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 FS4 Below 

420mm deep x 215 wide


420mm deep x 215 wide

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 FS5 Below

420mm deep x 215 wide


420mm deep x 215 wide

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FS6 Below

420mm deep x 215 wide


420mm deep x 215 wide

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 FS7 Below

420mm deep x 215 wide


420mm deep x 215 wide

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Parish, Town and Community Councils officially thank people who conduct exceptional work, service or other worthy undertakings that benefit their community by presenting them with a Freedom Scroll as a timeless thank you. The scrolls are highly regarded by both recipients and Councils alike. In 2009 Parliament passed the Local Democracy, Economic Development and Construction Act in which Councils were given the right to grant honorary Freedoms in their area of jurisdiction.

Clerks and Councils Direct offers a range of Freedom Scrolls that are all made uniquely for your Council for just £85+VAT, including one proof (p&p is £5.50+VAT). Our highly rated service makes it easy for you to grant a Freedom of the Town, Parish, Community or Borough and make a fitting presentation.

Traditionally, Freedom Scrolls were hand-written on vellum made from calfskin. Scholars would use quill pens with different coloured inks and produce incredible scrolls that were then marked with red wax to create a seal. All very beautiful, all VERY expensive and all, unfortunately, so impractical today.

To meet today’s requirements we offer councils many styles of scroll - they are ALL flexible in design and adapted to meet your Council’s precise needs, using your crests, emblems and logos as required.

Additionally they are still produced on a top quality antique style parchment, but the artwork is printed out rather than hand-written.

Our highly satisfied councils include literally hundreds of Councils.

We print on parchment and post to you. Scrolls are 420mm deep x 215mm wide, but can be tailored to any size up to 420mm x 297mm maximum.

We do all the hard work - our scrolls are designed to make the occasion special and unique for the recipient.

Here are some ideas for you.

When you have presented a Clerks and Councils Direct FREEDOM SCROLL, take a picture of the event and send it to us with a short write up about who it was presented to and what they had contributed to the community and the council. Your local press will also be interested.

In bygone days the granting of freedom scrolls awarded some of the following rights and privileges:

  • The right to graze sheep or cattle on common land
  • The right to trade inside the city wall
  • The right to walk troops through the town or parish with drums beating and colours flying


Yes - all arrived yesterday - I was away - just returned -
scroll looks absolutely first class - thank you so much for your help.
Paul Venning Wittersham Parish Council

Mr R. Smythe CMC. FILCM., Clerk
Heath Hayes and Wimblebury Parish Council, Cannock

The scrolls have arrived and they are really impressive. Lettering as requested and the quality of the parchment is really pleasing. I am sure our former Chairman will be really proud to receive this.
We are framing one and rolling the other and they will be presented on 2nd December.

Huw Jones, Elstree and Borehamwood Town Council

The Town Council is delighted with the quality, design and speed of this service

and would highly recommend to other Authorities.

Johnny Duffy, Sefton Parish Council

The scroll is splendid cannot - articulate how delighted we are.

Thank you so much for your hard work.


Just sending you sincere thanks from Holt Community Council. The scroll you did through John Cubitt was presented to the Councillor who had retired after 40 years and he loved it. Was quite overcome.
Your detail and work on it was amazing.
Kind regards.
Jean Pierce - Clerk to Holt Community Council.

Rights are nowadays mainly symbolic; however don’t let that put you off making an award because the practice continues and is very much appreciated and always remembered for life by the recipient. I should know because I was awarded the Freedom of the City of Governador Valadares in Minas Gerais, Brazil in 1985 by the Mayor. 

 Mike Goodwin,